“Stressed and Tired and Hungry”

By Josh Webber

You might stay stressed and tired and hungry. Reasonably so. Trying to balance all of life's demands is exhausting. And it leaves you spiritually exposed. Satan chooses these times of weakness to intensify temptation. You may be more susceptible to anger, sins of the tongue, or sexual temptation. When Jesus met temptation in the wilderness, He was hungry, isolated and tired, but He fortified His heart against physical and emotional fatigue. He equipped Himself with the word of God and braced Himself for His time of greatest vulnerability.

It also makes you spiritually distracted. The disciples were exhausted. They had been so busy they had not even been able to eat. Jesus invited them to "Come away to a secluded place and rest" on the other side of the lake. But they found the crowds instead! Jesus was moved with compassion and received the people. Finally, the disciples requested, "Send them away." They ignored the spiritual opportunity, because they were so focused on themselves.

Jesus used this opportunity to encourage His disciples to serve. Even when it seems most necessary to focus on yourself, God may call you to feed the five thousand.

Try not to be stressed or tired or hungry. But if you find yourself in that state, be on guard for the spiritual dangers.

Verses Cited: Matthew 4:1-11, Mark 6:30-44
(See also II Corinthians 12:9 and Galatians 6:9)

Men Who Preach...

Our good brother Josh Webber not only wrote today's article but will preach this morning and this evening. As members of the church at Santee, we're excited that men who dedicate their lives to preach the gospel include our brother Josh. The work a preacher does is a labor of love and we appreciate Josh's talents and desire to be of service to our God. We thank God for all who stand for the truth and wish to always be dedicated to His great cause.


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