“We Are All Works In Progress”

By Don Case

As we struggle to become more spiritual, we will face situations that mold us towards becoming a more perfect product. This process never ends if we are growing as Christians.

Many afflictions come to the righteous, because we are not exempt from harsh situations but we have faith He will always deliver us. Our Christ himself endured hardships to fulfill His purpose. Our lives as Christians are full of trials, temptations, and suffering, but He will deliver us. For every harsh situation we go through, we will get some form of reward and growth while understanding God will not go back on His word. Even when everything looks dismal and there seems to be no way out, God is still in control. When our hopes are in God, we learn to see beyond the issues and situations we face. We will look at them in a positive light, so instead of complaining or being depressed we simply wait to see what good can come of the situation. "All things work together for good to those that love God, to those who are called according to his purpose" (Romans 8:28).

Faith teaches us that when the facts appear negative our hope will always be to trust in God. The sooner we believe in God's word and walk in His path the easier our life will become.

We are to stay positive and look for the good in our situations. Jesus will not forsake His children. God will take us through rough waters as He promises. Christians will suffer; it is a part of life. But, we can overcome our challenges. Our mandate is to trust and obey. We will find happiness in loving God and serving others which will give us real purpose and meaning in our lives.

As we plan for the New Year, let's challenge ourselves to become more spiritually minded and to continue doing good works knowing that our Father in heaven is glorified.

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