“Insuring Our Values Like We Insure Our Valuables”

By Don Case

In our society we find it necessary to pay for many types of insurance, some mandatory others by necessity. In most cases, coverage for our homes, autos, and Social Security are required expenditures. Some discretionary insurances are not required but necessary to maintain financial stability in case of emergencies. Being protected against major illnesses, loss of life and natural disasters makes us compelled to invest in insurance.

How Can We Insure Our Values?

What are we doing to protect ourselves from catastrophic loss of values which will have consequences to our families eternally? God's plan for the continuous preservation of values lies in the family. We can pray for Gods help to plan family life in such a way that we are consistently teaching and modeling ceaseless values. Teaching God's values to our families is the only way to insure those values will be perpetuated.

Over time there has been an increased transfer of responsibility for insuring our values from the family to various other agencies and entities. Teaching of values has been assigned to schools, youth programs, the government and even the media. Transferring responsibility to other agencies has been a colossal disaster.

A Few Ways To Insure Our Values

We need to model and practice our values. As we practice what we preach we should set the example against materialism.

We need to support the good agencies and institutions which are responsibly insuring our values that we hold dear.

We need to evaluate where our resources are being invested. Make sure our support is for agencies that support Biblical values.

Remember that God placed the primary responsibility for values on the family and the church working together to accomplish His desired goal.


Dear Lord, my family is valuable to me, please help me assure that spiritual values are passed along to all members of my family.


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