“Being Contagious Christians”

By Don Case

It was a total shock to the religious people of the day when Jesus associated with sinners, tax collectors, an immoral woman, and lepers, He allowed himself to become unclean. Under the Old Testament law, sin and being unclean was considered contagious. These acts violated the standard teaching of that day but some of that attitude still thrives today. Some people still believe that if we hang around people who sin, that their sin will somehow stain us.

Some of us do not want to dirty ourselves with people who have sexual dysfunctions, drug and alcohol addictions, poverty and many other social disgraces. We do not want to become unclean, influenced, by those people and their problems. Jesus showed that it was not sin that was contagious but His righteousness. Instead of sin being contagious, we should be infectious and allow righteousness to come through us. Through righteousness we will be the influencing factor in the lives of the unrighteous.

We should realize that when we see the poor, the downtrodden, addicted and the dysfunctional, that we are the infection that they need. Our faith, hope, and love is exactly what they need. In order for us to have contagious faith we must influence people to come out of their sin, we must offer something that is better.

How Do We Show Contagious Faith?

· We must show sinners the message they all need to hear and obey.
· We should point people to faith in Jesus as to the most important thing they need.
· We should show them that they can receive forgiveness for all their sins, past, present, and future because Jesus died for all the sins of mankind.
· We must share His wonderful, amazing unconditional love for them.

A Note About The Author...

Our Brother Don Case does a wonderful job writing articles that inspire, educate, and encourage us. On behalf of all of us at Santee, we really appreciate his efforts and thank God for giving him the desire and ability to teach and help us in service to Him!

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