“Dealing With Difficult People”

By Don Case

Recently we have heard a lot about bullying against our young people. Protective parents are naturally concerned that their children may be suffering physically and emotionally at hands of other students. We normally associate bullying with students but the same traits can be seen in many other groups. These traits start with tantrums and are apparent in cases of family abuse, road rage, workplace violence, gangs, terrorists and even dictators. The characteristics that are obvious are the use of pressured power over others. Bullying at any age, against anyone, is completely against God's code of conduct.

God Is Our Refuge and Strength, A Very Present Help in Trouble

One thing we can do when faced with difficult people is to focus on our spiritual guide Jesus who can provide courage and comfort to handle our situations. Look at the bully like a lost child of God, or someone that is hurting badly inside. They are unable to cope with their own problems so they exercise power over others to make themselves feel superior. When confronted, try visualizing Jesus so it makes the aggressor appear less scary and it will help to be able to pray for them. A bully has a lot of problems and they really need Jesus. Letting the bully see Jesus in our behavior and showing forgiveness toward them sends a message. Remember to pray for the bully, or the person hurting you, it is important that you talk to God about them and it will help both of you. We want to have a close relationship with our God so that He can help in our situations and choices. Pray that the bully can see the love of Jesus for them through us.

Everyone Must Realize There Are Consequences to Bad Behavior

Often it helps to bring other adults into the problem so the bully will be exposed and will have to answer for their own behavior. By bringing this negative behavior out and in the open, they will have to answer for their behavior.

Remember that through Jesus we will have victory because we can actually begin to love the sinner, but hate the sin.


  1. As always, a big thanks to our brother Don Case for his encouraging words! We appreciate the efforts he puts forth in his good articles & praise God for the truths revealed in His word!!

    (for Leland)

    by Bryan Webber on June 05, 2014 at 9:15am.

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