“Satan's War Against Us”

By Don Case

Satan uses Weapons of Mass Destruction

We often hear about WMD's which have the potential of killing millions of people but Satan has his own version of WMD's. He has done more damage in the world than anyone or anything else. Since the beginning he has wreaked havoc, destroying billions of souls.

We often wonder why our faith is not as strong as we would like, it's because Satan uses weapons against us. His goal is to lure us away from God, a spiritual separation. He wants to cut-off our contact with our Lord. His hidden weapons are working behind the scenes and are actually working to destroy both our earthly life and our relationship with the Lord.

Satan can manipulate our circumstance and he does not give up. He causes serious blockages in our spiritual life. He continues this spiritual terrorism against us because his weapons have been very successful through out history.

Satan uses Weapons of Total Chaos

Satan knows how to disrupt and even destroy our spiritual lives.

His weapons include:

  • Being uniformed - not knowing enough to combat his weapons.
  • Apathy - lack the drive.
  • Indifference - To grow disinterested, lose focus, veer off-course.
  • Forgetfulness - No longer remember, knowledge becomes contaminated.
  • Guided toward making the wrong life decisions.
  • Distractions away from God, and His Word.
  • Complicating life with more negative situations.

The results of the war are like a virus, spreading from one person to another, even from one generation to the next. Satan sets these traps, but we walk into them because we are sometimes disarmed without the ability to protect ourselves.

Know the Enemy

Satan's goal is our total communication breakdown away from God. If he succeeds, "then we become just another notch on his belt," and this is what Satan wants to do all along-- keep us from God, Christ, the Word, and salvation.

How can we neutralize Satan's affect on our lives?


It is interesting to speculate on how our adversary functions, how he affects our lives. We realize that we are ultimately responsible for our own decisions and that the trials we face are a constant challenge. Although God is in control, He allows trials and tribulations to strengthen us.

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