“Forgive and Forget”

By Don Case

We no longer have dueling as a way to solve our problems but our jails are full of people who cannot resolve issues peaceably. Some try counseling, education, and medications with mixed results. One of the most important and sometimes neglected issues today is forgiveness. The lasting solutions to resolving conflicts is if we follow the instructions God provided in the Bible, in other words try God's way. Hosea said, "My people perish for lack of knowledge." Sometimes we also reject knowledge and do not know the solutions to life's problems because we neglect God's Word.

Forgiving Others...

We cannot be set free from bitterness and pain if we cannot forgive and forget. When we do not forgive it can affect our lives in many different ways including emotional and physical problems. Obey and forgive as God commands, or continue in misery. The peace and joy of the Lord will flood souls if applied properly. Forgiveness is to release the offender from all guilt, blame, revenge, anger and bitterness. Anger management is to resolve, forgive, find peace, and healing in the joy of the Lord, -- this will transform lives. We must release others the way Jesus released us, completely, unconditionally and permanently. There is a difference between being offended and being wounded. Both are hurtful but are determined by the degree of trauma. It is easier to turn loose of simple offences, but it is much harder to turn loose of a wound. Holding on to bitterness is like taking poison then waiting for the other person to die. It is common but tragic to see friends and family members that have not spoken in years. There are no winners in these situations, only losers.

God's Forgiveness...

One of the greatest gifts God has given to us is our own forgiveness. We can be forgiven for all our sins, past, present and future and forever. If God has no remembrance of our sin, why shouldn't we also forgive and forget? God wants us to have a level of freedom and assurance that only He can provide. God's desire is for us to forgive and release others from anything and everything, of a vengeful nature, that we hold against others.


And One More Thing...

Let's never forget that forgiveness is a message that the world needs to hear just as much as those who have received it from God. This week, let's work hard to share this great message with others.

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