“Summer Bible Series 2013”

(don't skip reading this!)

One week from tomorrow, our annual Summer Bible Series will kick off.  While in many ways similar to a Vacation Bible School, our five day series has two important features that set it apart from what some traditionally think of when they hear about a "Vacation Bible School."  First, while attending children will certainly "have fun," engage in interactive activities, and be able to say they enjoyed their experiences, they will also be learning.  The real focus of the week is to educate and inspire, while working to plant seeds that will grow in the hearts of future Christians.  Second, our Summer Bible Series isn't just for children.  While the children engage in their studies, adults will be gathered for a 45 minute study of the same topics the children are addressing.  The Santee Summer Bible Series is truly an opportunity for the entire family to learn.  And, the great thing about our series is that even if you don't have children, you will still benefit from being present all five nights.

Allow me to present three reasons why every person reading this should attend. First, no single person knows everything about the Bible. EVERYONE that comes to SBS will learn about God, His people, their struggles, and their successes. In doing so, we learn how to live more faithfully in service to God. Paul commanded Timothy to study (II Timothy 2:15). Consequently, we should study too and one of the best ways to do so is through a mutual study like that at SBS.

Additionally, by attending SBS, you'll encourage the teachers, the elders, and all those who have worked to prepare for this important week. Throughout his letters, Paul speaks of the importance of encouraging each other. One of the most discouraging things for teachers, elders, and even preachers is to put forth effort in the preparation of some good thing only to see others not fully take advantage of the opportunities. Please know that your simple presence at SBS will encourage a great number of people.

Third, by being present at SBS, you'll set an incredible example for young and impressionable children. I remember as a young boy seeing "old people" at Vacation Bible School every night even though they weren't children and didn't have any children there. But those men and women were always there because they saw the importance of studying God's word and doing their best to support the local church. Now, almost 30 years later, I remember those people's examples. Why not do the same for young children today?

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